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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Miss Hough


Autumn Term Vehicle - Chocolate!


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Week 1 of our vehicle:

We discussed our favourite chocolate bars and designed a poster to advertise them using persuasive language and bold, colourful features. We also discussed what we already knew about chocolate and what we would like to find out over the term. On Friday, we brought in chocolate bars to school to draw in our Art lesson; we focused on different techniques we could use to sketch the inside and outside of our bars without using colour.


Week 2 of our vehicle:

This week in DT, we compared different flavours of chocolate to determine which one was our favourite and why. We were blindfolded so we had to work really hard to use our other senses apart from sight to try and work out what flavour the chocolate was. Once we figured out what they all were, we wrote a comparison between 2 of the chocolate flavours.


Week 3 of our vehicle:





Key Information: 

Homework - Set on a Friday, due in on the following Wednesday. Maths and English homework are set on alternate Fridays.

PE - Swimming on Wednesdays, P.E. lesson on Thursday afternoons.