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Year 3

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Miss Hough and Mrs Collier


Spring Term Vehicle - Museum Exhibitors!

Click the link below to see what Year 3 will be covering during the Spring Term

Year 3 children are becoming exhibitors who will showcase their own museum about all things from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age! The children will create a range of artwork, along with artefacts that will be handmade and displayed for the public to see. Historical fact files will also be available near to the exhibits to explain what they are and the history behind them. We are very excited about this vehicle for learning and can't wait to get stuck in! Year 3 are really looking forward to showcasing all their work in their very own museum at the end of term, before we break up for Easter.

Key Information: 

Homework: Homework is given out on a Friday and is due in the following Wednesday. Children will be given alternate maths and English tasks on a worksheet in their books. They will also receive a spelling sheet that is also to be completed as homework. Any child who brings in their homework every week will receive a prize for being a 'Homework Hero' at the end of each half term.


Reading: As Dr Seuss once said, “The more you read, the more you know, the more you learn, the more places you'll go!” It is important that children are regularly reading both in and outside of school. Please aim to read with your child at minimum of 3 times a week and please sign in their reading diary. As children in Y3 are growing in independence, they can read to themselves and record this in their reading diary, please can this still be signed by an adult. Reading diaries will be checked every Monday so please ensure they are in school on this day.  Once reading diaries have been checked, the children will move up on our Reading Race track if they have read at least 3 times at home during the previous week. Again, a prize will be given to the children who have read the most times at home at the end of each half term.


Spellings: Children will be tested every Friday. Spellings are given out as part of weekly homework every Friday and the spelling sheet is due in on a Wednesday to be stamped. Children are expected to complete all 4 practises on the sheet.


PE: Year 3’s PE days are Wednesday (swimming) and Thursday. Please ensure children have both an indoor and outdoor kit available in school. Earrings need to be removed before a PE lesson. If children are unable to take earrings out themselves then earrings need to be taken out at home on a PE day. On swimming days, children need to be in school uniform, school PE kit or a sports tracksuit and have a suitable bag to put their swimming things in.