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Autumn Curriculum Vehicle

Autumn 2 Vehicle



Reception are working on our vehicle 'Marvellous Me' where the children will be working towards a portrait art showcase.


During the settling in period we will be focusing on the children getting to know each other and building friendships and relationships with adults in school. Rules and routines in class will be established quickly with a consistent and positive learning approach. We look forward to learning all about each and every child, their families, interests and talents.



In preparation for the 'Marvellous me showcase' we will be exploring a range of artists and techniques, creating our own portraits for the showcase. We will use the work of AndyWarhol, Van Gogh and Frida Kkahol, creating pop art, reflection pictures and using natural resources. Look out for these amazing creations as the term begins.


We are looking to use a variety of frames and canvases as part of our showcase. We would greatly appreciate any donations of such items.