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Autumn Curriculum Vehicle

Year 4's Autumn Vehicle is

Tudors, Town Houses and Tourism

This term we will be conducting a local history study into the Ancient High House. We will learn about the Tudor rule over Britain and about what life in England was like in the 16th and 17th century.


For our end of vehicle outcome at the end of the Autumn term, Year 4 will be creating a tourist advertisement about the Ancient High House which will be published on their website/YouTube channel. We are very excited!


Autumn 1 - We have loved learning about the Tudor times so far! In history, we have looked at the features of Tudor homes, how people dressed in the Tudor times and we created a timeline of the different Kings and Queens. In DT, we are in the process of designing our own Tudor style sweet treats. We tasted some different Tudor snacks and liked Jumbles and Wafer biscuits the most! In geography, we have been looking at different types of settlements and what types of houses there are in each. We have recently been learning about OS map symbols and can use a key to find out what the symbols mean. In art, we have learnt about the famous Tudor portrait artist Hans Holbein and have discussed how his paintings make Henry VIII look like a strong and powerful king.


Unfortunately, we are no longer able to visit the Ancient High House on the 3rd November. However we will still be continuing our learning and working towards our tourist video outcome!