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Online Maths resources to support online learning: 


This website is usually £2 subscription but it has been made free due to current circumstances.


There are many resources online out there to support you and your children when learning at home. If you wish to receive any further support with aiding your children at home please do not hesitate to contact me:


Thank you for your support and for keeping their love of learning alive. 



Calculation Policies. Find out the different approaches we have and how we teach the children different mathematical strategies.

What will the different Year Groups be learning when in Maths?

How we teach Maths at St Patrick's

Maths Number Ninjas. We will be using this throughout the school to enhance the mental maths in the school. These are the expected objectives for the children to cover starting in Year 1 (white belt) all the way through to Year 6 (black belt). These can be worked on at home to ensure the children have consolidation in these areas.

What does Maths mean to us at St Patrick's?