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Year 2 Guided Reading Examples

Each child in Year 2 will have a daily Read Write Inc. Phonics lesson for at least 30 minutes.  This covers phonics, word reading, fluency and comprehension skills.  This is our main taught reading lesson each day: for more information, see our dedicated RWI page. 


Once children have completed the Read Write Inc. Programme, they will complete a daily Language and Literacy lesson in place of their phonics lesson.  This lesson will still focus on revising the phonics/speed sounds, further improving fluency and word reading speed, but will also work on helping the children to write detailed comprehension responses in preparation for their transition to Year 3. 


We also want our children to share stories and to love books - this is where 'book talk' comes in.  During a book talk session, the children will listen to a series of high quality, well-loved children's books.  Using our carefully planned questions, we promote discussion of the setting, characters, plot and vocabulary. 


Take a look at some of our dedicated planning using the links below...