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Summer Curriculum Vehicle

                         Lights Fire Action! 

A vehicle inspired by the events and history that surrounded the Great Fire of London. 

Vehicle end product: Live Stream News Report from the fire itself produced and directed by Year 2. 

Excitement and engagement 

 Children will have a ‘Great Fire of London’ WOW day - Where we are introduced to The Great Fire of London as a topic. (All work based on the Great Fire of London – even maths – The Fire of London word problems. 

Children will learn about the significant individual Samuel Pepys and his association with The Great Fire of London. 

Children create Jackson Pollock inspired artwork to depict the fire. 

Zoom call with a Historian from the Museum of London.

Mine craft experience and game– The Great Fire of London -

Learn about fire safety. 

Representatives from the class run through the logistics of our live news report to SLT. 

A live news report! (Burn some cardboard houses?) 

The Great Fire of London (Audio)