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Faith Ambassadors

Faith Ambassadors

Each class has two Faith Ambassadors nominated by the other class members as being role model for their participation in R.E lessons and for how they show their Christianity in everything that they do. 


Roles and Responsibilities 

- To help prepare for the Celebration of Mass with others in class

- To lead the class in Collective Worship 

- To ensure our prayer areas around school always look their best 

- To be involved with planning celebrations connected to the seasons of the Church 



Child-led Collective Liturgy and Prayer 


Faith Ambassadors will be working with their class to use the four stages of Collective Worship, to help prompt thoughts and ideas during the planning process. 


We guide children in making appropriate links between the current Liturgical Season, themes for the season, scripture sources, prayers, music, artwork and of course the Values and Virtues of focus in School.