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Worship Leaders


Each class has two Worship Leaders nominated by the other class members as being role model for their participation in R.E lessons and for how they show their Christianity in everything that they do. 


Worship leaders are responsible for guiding and supporting children in their Collective Worship planning, supporting staff in planning and leading charitable fund raising and in being ambassadors for their Worship by meeting visitors and helping with organising Mass and other Religious gatherings.


Roles and Responsibilities 


- To help Father Bob and our School to prepare for the Celebration of Mass 

- To lead the School in Collective Worship 

- To ensure our prayer areas around School always look their best 

- To be involved with planning celebrations connected to the seasons of the Church 


What do Worship Leaders do?


Our School Worship Leaders are role models of Worship in our school, sharing their love of prayer and worship with all members of our School community. 


All children from Key Stage 2 were once again given the opportunity to show us what Collective Worship means to them, by thinking about a cause that is close to their heart that they would like to either raise money for or raise awareness about. They all designed their own posters for an event of their choice, which could be held in school. After a very careful decision-making process, two representatives from each year group were chosen to be a part of this year's Worship Leaders group. 


Our Worship leaders will meet on a regular basis to begin learning how to carry out their vital roles in leading members of our School community in worship. 


Our Worship Leaders have done a fantastic job of assisting with the first Masses celebrated in school this year and look forward to continuing to welcome each year group to Mass throughout the rest of the year.  


Child-led Collective Worship 



Our first group of Worship leaders will be working with their class to use the four stages of Collective Worship, to help prompt thoughts and ideas during the planning process. 


We have also created a Liturgical Calendar of Themes, to guide children in making appropriate links between the current Liturgical Season, themes for the season, scripture sources, prayers, music, artwork and of course the Values and Virtues of focus in School. 


All of our wonderful Worship Leaders have had some mini-training sessions with Mrs Tomlinson so that they may be of support to their peers in class when planning and leading Collective Worship.