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Homework is set on the Friday of each week, and is expexted to be returned by the Wednesday of the following week.


In Reception our homework is an opportunity for children to share the learning that has taken place during the week, and at the stage will include some practical and conversation activities.


The children are so enthusiastic about their learning in school, we know that they can't wait to share their experiences with you at home!


If you have queries then please see Miss Barber or Mrs Boughey.

Phonics Homework Links


Please copy and paste the following links to complete the phonics tasks set for homework. These will be updated on a two weekly basis and will reflect the sounds learnt in class. Practising the sounds and word time lessons will help children become, confident and fluent readers.

Speed Sounds Lesson 

Learning to Blend

Word Time 

Word Time 1


Word Time 2


Word Time 3


Word Time 4


Word Time 5


Proud Clouds

We look forward to seeing the achievements the children and parents are proud of at home. Please complete a proud cloud in class so we can include this in your child's learning journey.


The following links can be used to support learning at home.

Learning at Home

Homework books will include a list of activities that will help towards our vehicle topic work. You can do these tasks in any order and in any way you would like. We always ensure that the tasks set are open ended and allow parents to adapt the task if needed and be a creative as they would like to be. We hope that you support us in completing these tasks so we can ensure all children are given opportunities to develop and progress in our learning journey. 


Each child has an allocated reading day where their reading books will be changed weekly, please ensure that reading packs are in school everyday. We enjoy reading with the children in class and hope you share the same excitement when doing this regularly at home. Children who practise reading and blending sounds at home will grow in confidence quickly, therefore supporting their progress in all areas of learning. 

Please sign and comment in the reading diaries provided, feedback will be given from staff with an indication of books being changed and progress made.

Summer Term Homework




Homework focus


Day due


Pupils need regular reading sessions.

When sharing the reading with your child;

Be patient, positive and ensure your child and you both enjoy the reading.

Encourage your child;

- To decode unfamiliar words themselves;

- To use expression

Also, ask them questions about their reading.

Parents are encouraged to comment in the child’s reading record book, shared by all adults involved.

It is also useful to read books to your children – modelling expression and asking questions about the book.


Next Day

English Y1/Y2 - one Literacy task (Grammar/Punctuation/Phonics sheet) will be sent every week to be shared with parent.



Spellings  5-10 current Phonic words will be set by your child’s Read Write Inc. teacher. The spellings will be tested during the RWI/Literacy lesson. At home, you may wish to spend time with your child individually learning and testing the spellings. Results will be sent home. (Reception 5 words, Y1/Y2 5-10 words)



Maths Y1/Y2 – One task (Maths sheet) will be sent every week to be shared with parent.(Reception– Maths Facts)

TIMES TABLES Each week children in Y2 are expected to learn/revise their tables.



Topic research and/or preparation

Teachers may ask children to find information or items to bring into class. Children may also be encouraged to ask parents questions or discuss issues with parents.

Additional or different Homework

Individuals such as SEND pupils may be given a different specific tasks to practise with parents. Where this happens, parents and the SENDCO must be consulted and informed. In Year 2, sometimes additional revision homework is set to help children prepare for their Key Stage 1 SATs

Occasionally-  to be returned following teacher guidance