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Autumn Curriculum Vehicle

Our Curriculum Vehicle is called Smashin' Smoothies. We will be testing, trying and making our own Smoothies.  Our final designs will eventually be sold in a Juice Bar in Stafford town! This will be an excellent experience for all children supporting their learning and helping them to become independent and confident learners. In addition to our Vehicle we will be learning about the following: 



  • Investigate different everyday materials and look at their properties.
  • Make predictions and look at how materials change when placed in water.
  • Explore what makes a fair test.
  • Formally writing up our experiments.



Old Testament Stories and Prayers/ Special Celebrations: Jonah and the Whale, Moses, David and Goliath, Noah and the Ark.



Make music to represent our experiences of the textures and singing songs whilst appraising music styles. 



  • Local History - A Historical street study about our local high street. Also, learning about the pottery industury
  • Local Geography - learning about the local area.  



  • Vincent Van Gogh, learning about the work of Van Gogh and using this to inspire our development of our drawing and painting skills.