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History is being added to every second of every day - the things that you did this morning or yesterday are now part of history! 


At St. Patrick's we aim to make a difference and so seek out inspirational people that

we may learn from.


"The Best of the Best!"



This is Lucy Worsley.

Lucy Worsley, OBE is a British historian, author, curator, and television presenter. Worsley is Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces but is best known as a presenter of BBC Television series on historical topics,

Lucy Worsley always aims to present the correct historical facts and to demystify historical myths. At St. Patrick's we believe we should encourage our children to challenge the accuracy of sources of information.

At St. Patrick's every effort is made to link our learning in history to our class vehicle each term, please keep on reading to find out more about what has been happening in each class. 



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