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Autumn Curriculum Vehicle

OLD BEAR, New Bear

Bears, bears, bears

Our vehicle for learning this term is all about bears.

They’re cuddly, friendly and most people have had a special one in their life.


RE: We will be reading and learning about the Creation story and looking at God's wonderful world.


Science: We’ll look at materials and their properties in our Science lessons and see which materials would make the best umbrella to keep our class bear dry.


History: We will become historians and look at the history of our furry friend, the Teddy Bear. We’ll invite our relatives to share pictures of their favourite bears and we will compare the differences with ours.


Geography: We’ll look at where different bears come from and maybe even get to know some famous bears.


Art/DT: We will design and make our very own class bear. We'll look at artists who have drawn or painted bears. We'll research illustrators who have drawn famous bears from stories. 


Music: We will be listening to and identifying Hip Hop music and creating our own raps to perform.


PE: Mr Daniel will take our PE lesson.


So get your Teddy Bears ready for a visit to school and if you know someone with an old bear that we could meet let me know!


What can we do at home?

  • Share some stories about bears or toys
  • Look closely at your toys – what are they made of? When were they made?
  • Do you have any old toys that belonged to your parents or even grandparents?
  • See if you can find how Teddy bears are made
  • What famous bears have you heard of? Can you draw them?
  • Can you count all of your teddy bears or soft toys? Do you have lots?
  • Which is your favourite bear and why?


Do you want to find out some more for yourself? Use the links to below for resources, stories and games linked to our vehicle for learning. Have fun!