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What our children say about us

On our Curriculum:

"The lessons are fun and challenging to make us learn."

 "I love doing Art because when I do it, I feel like it is just me and my Art."


On our Teachers: 

Anaisya: "They are all really helpful and when we ask questions, they say it in a way they know we will understand"

Cormac: "The teachers are incredible and often give encouraging comments which make us enthusiastic."

Zeb: "Teachers are all so hardworking to make sure everything is ready for us."

Julia: " They have their own way to make the children understand."


On Friends:

Oliver: "We are all friends in class and we all look after each other."

Ameilai: "Helpful and are there when you ever need help"


On Activities:

Anaisya: "I love the school trips because it gives you a new experience and it might be something you really love."

" I like it when we have the apparatus out."



Jacob: "It is fun but educational and helps up with things we might need to know and shows us awareness of a computer and how we can use it properly."       


On Maths:

Harry: "It is fun and it doesn't matter if we FAIL because we will keep going until we get there."

Sophia: "Before I didn't understand Maths but now, I feel like I understand the little steps more to get the answer."

Cormac: "I used to feel like I couldn't do Maths but now I feel like I understand things much better because of the way you teach it."


Vehicles (how we deliver our curriculum):

Oliver: "It gives us a new experience and shows us what things are like elsewhere and gives us a reason for our learning like when we write letters for Sir Richard."

Amelia: "The vehicles make all the subjects a bit more engaging."


"I have enjoyed raising money for Mary's meals and knowing I am helping other people who aren't as lucky as us."