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First Holy Communion

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First Holy Communion


During Year 3, our children are given the opportunity to make the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. This is a major part in the life of a Catholic. Though no one can replace the role of the parent in preparing your child for this special moment, you are not alone in this task.


The parish and school will always be ready to help and support. Our school, in its Religious Education lessons, will teach your child about Jesus, the Church, the Sacraments and especially about Reconciliation and Holy Communion.


St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School and our parish community work very closely together to prepare the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the First Holy Communion celebration. Parishioners will provide you and your family, along with other families, opportunities to participate in its life and to get to know your fellow parishioners better.


If your child has already received the Sacrament of Baptism in a Catholic Church, or if they have been received into the Catholic faith, then they can move on to receive the next two Sacraments. If your child has not yet received the Sacrament of Baptism, or if you are considering conversion to the Catholic faith, please contact Father Bob directly.


You will know that your child is ready to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation when in their own way they:

  • Know that God loves them and is always ready to forgive no matter what;
  • Know and understand what is meant by sin;
  • Are able to reflect on their own behaviour;
  • They want to express sorrow and to make amends;
  • And appreciate the place and importance of Reconciliation.

You will know that your child is ready to make their First Communion when in their own way they:

  • Know about Jesus, they pray to him and want to receive Communion with him and his church;
  • Show reverence and respect;
  • Know the difference between Holy Communion and ordinary food;
  • Be attentive and aware of what is happening during Mass;
  • Have some sense of belonging to the parish family.


The children will be prepared in school by Miss Hough and Mrs Tomlinson, along with the support network of the school community. Father Bob, our Parish Priest, will celebrate the Sacraments with your children.  He is available through the Parish should you wish to discuss any aspect of the preparation process further, or if your family have any further questions.



The Sacrament of Reconciliation is the second Sacrament after Baptism and is also known as Penance and Confession and it is the Sacrament that supports children in understanding of forgiveness, saying sorry for the wrongs done in heart, words, actions and mind, restoring our relationship with God and helping us to make better choices moving forward.  The children will be prepared well for this in school and is nothing for them to be worried about.  They will learn to say their Act of Contrition:


O my God, because you are so good.

I am very sorry

that I have sinned against you

and with the help of your grace,

I will not sin again.




Eucharist is the third Sacrament that Catholics will receive. It is the most important and memorable Sacrament as it allows us to receive the Body and Blood of Christ and in doing so Jesus becomes a part of us. It is also a gift we receive each week at Mass as we remember the sacrifice of Jesus at his death. The first time children receive this Sacrament it is called First Holy Communion.


First Holy Communion Dress Code

Girls are required to wear a white Holy Communion dress (with a small sleeve or something to cover the shoulders in Church). A veil is option.

Boys are required to wear a white shirt, grey trousers or suit and  a tie.

If the girls are wearing gloves, these will need to be removed when they receive the Blessed Sacrament as a matter of reverence.