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Year 3 Guided Reading Examples

In Year 3, children have a dedicated reading comprehension skill lesson for 30 minutes, four times a week. During this time, children are explicitly taught the skills of retrieval, inference and deduction, predictions, how to analyse word choices and comprehend new vocabulary, discuss author's choices, summarise texts and compare and contrast extracts.  


The vast majority of our children will leave Key Stage One as fluent word readers who have a sound grasp of phonics and decoding.  Those who need additional revision of the Year 2 objectives, will receive Read Write Inc. intervention to enable them to quickly access the whole class reading in due course. 


Each week, we choose a high quality text or extract as our study focus.  These are carefully selected from a range of resources including whole class texts, Reading Explorers, Reading Detectives and the teacher's own interests and choices.  A wide range of genres is carefully selected to include contemporary fiction, well-loved authors and the classics, through to poetry, information texts, instructions, persuasion and other non-fiction texts types.