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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! - The Grand Gallery! 

To create, design and produce art work to be exhibited in our OWN Art Gallery!

During the Autumn term we will be learning about: 




 Key Text – George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.

Using adjectives to describe characters.

Learning how to use expanded noun phrases to extend our learning.

Writing recipes and instructions.

Writing non-fiction factual information texts.

Identifying a command, statement, question and exclamation.

Word classes: noun, verb, adverb and adjective. 


Place Value – partitioning 2 & 3 digit numbers, partitioning for addition and subtraction, learning how to make numbers in different ways.

Addition and Subtraction – using different methods to support us. E.g. number line, counting on, hundred square.

Daily Arithmetic. 


Old Testament Stories and Prayers/ Special Celebrations: Jonah and the Whale, Moses, David and Goliath, Noah and the Ark.


Investigate different everyday materials and look at their properties.

Make predictions and look at how materials change when placed in water.

Explore what makes a fair test.

Formally writing up our experiments.


Year 2 will be making Art Work using digital resources. We will be looking Pointillism, painting in the style of Van Gogh, these will be exhibited at our gallery.

We will also be reminding ourselves of E-safety and staying safe online.

Art - Design & Technology

Our Project: To research, develop, design and make our own Canapés to be eaten at our Gallery Opening. 

Additionally, we will be working with art specialists to create artwork for our exhibition.


Safety around medicines.

Learning about what liquids we have to be careful of/stay away from in our own environment.

British Values

What if everyone did that?

To explore the importance of rights and responsibility. 

To learn how UK law has changed throughout history and how it compares to law today.


Make music to represent our experiences of the textures.

We will be finding out what music famous artists enjoyed.  

Key Information: 

Teacher - Miss Fielding

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Fisher 


If you have any concerns, worries or questions please come and speak to one of us :) 


Homework - Out on a Friday back in on Wednesday. 

Spellings - Out on a Friday tested the following Friday. 

Times tables - Tested on a Friday. 

PE - Monday & Wednesday 

Reading books should be in everyday, as your children read every day in school. If your child would like their book changing remind them to pop it in the 'changing basket' - I will remind them too :)