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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! - Marvellous Mini-beast Mansions! 

During the Spring term we will be learning about: 




  •  Key Text – Don’t read this book by Jill Lewis.
  • Using adjectives to describe characters. 
  • Learning how to use expanded noun phrases to extend our learning. 
  • Writing non-chronological reports. 
  • Writing non-fiction factual information texts. 
  • Identifying a command, statement, question and exclamation. 
  • Word classes: noun, verb, adverb and adjective.  
  • Daily spelling and handwriting lessons. 


  • Multiplication and Division 
  • Measurement 
  • Telling the time using analogue and converting to digital times. 
  • 3D shapes and understanding their properties. 
  • Addition and Subtraction – using different methods to support us. E.g. number line, counting on, hundred square. 
  • Quick recall of number facts – including number bonds to 10 & 20.
  • Daily Arithmetic & the Number Ninjas 


Christmas and the Annunciation. Moving on to Parables and Miracles. 

We will be learning about: Miracles Jesus performed, The Talents Parable, The Parable of the Sower, The Parable of the Prodigal Son and about the anointing of the sick. 


Investigating how we know if something is living, not living or has never been alive. 

Searching for minibeasts in our environment.

Learning about animal food chains in the UK.

Understanding microhabitats and how these provide the basic needs for their living. 


Year 2 will be learning to use their new log ons in the computer suite (very exciting!)

They will be accessing their Active Learn accounts

Children will also be viewing Purple Mash and using their resources. 



Using simple compass directions. 

Using aerial images and photographs to recognise landmarks. 

Using simple field work skills to observe our local and the mini-beasts geography. 


Learning about dinosaurs and the changes the world has seen. 

Finding out about fossils and how they are preserved. 

Learning about how insects were preserved in amber. 

Making our own insects in amber. 

Using timelines.

Art and Design & Technology 

Our Project: To learn about, understand and design our own Mini-beast Mansion for our own school grounds. 

Learning about the work of Christopher Marley & his love for insects


Learning about why we should look after our environment and how it helps us to live. Looking after and caring for each other. 

British Values

What if everyone did that?

To explore the importance of rights and responsibility. 

To learn how UK law has changed throughout history and how it compares to law today.


Make music to represent our experiences of the textures.

Percussion and rhythmical instruments. 


Key Information: 

Teacher - Miss Fielding

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Fisher 


If you have any concerns, worries or questions please come and speak to one of us :) 


Homework - Out on a Friday back in on Wednesday. 

Spellings - Out on a Friday tested the following Friday. 

Times tables - Tested on a Friday. 

PE - Monday & Wednesday 

Reading books should be in everyday, as your children read every day in school. If your child would like their book changing remind them to pop it in the 'changing basket' - I will remind them too :)