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Year 6 Homework


Year 6 you are given homework to support your learning in school. Try to get into good homework habits, be organised and it will help you when you start high school.


This year’s homework will be:


Spelling practise

To be completed and returned by the Friday when you will be tested on the words.



This could be topic related, science based or related to upcoming events in school.

Given on a Wednesday and the date for return will be on the sheet. You will usually have 2 – 3 weeks to return it depending on the task.



This will alternate each week.

To be completed and returned by the following Friday.


You have been given a book to keep your homework in. Always glue the homework into the book after it has been marked and returned to you.

Please try your best on your homework tasks and always complete it neatly.




If you do not understand the task, please ask for more help in class.


Please remember to read your reading book every night too; record your reading in your reading diary. You should be reading for at least 20 minutes each day to improve your reading fluency and stamina.