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Games at Home

Ways you can support your child at home


  • Play a game – hunt the word – hide words in sand or flour or around your room, set a timer, hold up the word that you want them to hunt for, and ‘go’! Repeat the word and encourage them to say –‘I am looking for the word ‘the’.
  • Play ‘Pairs’, turning over two words at a time trying to find a matching pair. This is especially helpful with the tricky words: the the, to to,  no no,  go go,  I I
  • Write the word twice. Cut one word up and muddle the letters. Put them back to read the word again.
  • Make up actions for words to act as a memory aid.
  • Use magnetic letters to copy and re-make a work.
  • Read with and to your child regularly. The link below takes you to a video that included useful tips for reading at home.