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The school curriculum is more than the National Curriculum alone: it is everything that a school does to contribute to the development of each and every child from the time it opens to the time it closes each day. 

Recognising this fact, we have developed a rich school curriculum that seeks to serve our vision of Future Readiness through 'Curriculum vehicles'. These are largely subject neutral learning themes that teach the National Curriculum subjects, but often go beyond its scope to equip our pupils with essential future ready skills. 

The 'Curriculum vehicles' go beyond the National Curriculum and also incorporate the following key values:- metacognition and self-regulated learning, teamwork, Gospel values and British Values, managing feelings and behaviours, managing relationships, cultural appreciation, managing time and resources, global awareness and responsibility.

Please use the links below to explore our curriculum statements and progression maps for each subject area.  To find out more about your child's curriculum please see the Children tab and Class Pages.

If you'd like to speak to a member of staff about our curriculum, please contact the school office. 

Cultural Capital

As part of the Vehicles, we aim to provide the children with a range of different experiences to enrich the learning. Each termly Vehicle will include a visit out of school and as many visitors into school that we can find to keep the learning, enthusiasm and interest at a maximum level.

Here are some of our recent examples and their subject links:



Compete in national and global maths competitions  


When beginning their primary school journey in the EYFS, many children arrive to school with different and sometimes more limited experiences than others. Therefore, our aim is to give children the knowledge and skills to prepare them for what comes next in their lives. This includes the relevant vocabulary needed throughout their education and the opportunity to link maths to real-world problem solving.  





Painting and drawing en plain air at the National Trust, Wightwick Manor

Photography sessions at the National Memorial Arboretum

Visit to the Lowry Art Gallery, Manchester



'Young Voices' choir, NEC, Birmingham

'Stafford Gotta Sing', Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford



Visit to the Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent

Visit to the British Motor Museum

Visit to Shrewbury Prison Museum



Visits to Blessed William Howard to experience technology suites 

Safer Internet Day 7th February

Computing Suite with a device per pupil

Ipads, laptops, Green Room technology area for pupils to access independently to enhance their studies 

E-safety champions/Eco-warriors

Study of significant people in Computing history to inspire and give ambition



Visit to Rowley Park Stadium, Stafford

Visit from a Team GB Athlete to school



Visit to the National Trust's heritage sites

River study

Orienteering at residentials

Local walks



Visitors in school with Science based jobs such as Vet, Farmer, Nurse, Fireman, Paramedic, Olympian,

Visit to Cosford RAF Museum



Faith Focus themes days throughout the year

Retreat days both in school, virtually with the Diocese and in visits

Visits to local places of worship

MAC led liturgies with all primary schools taking part

World-faith celebration days and multi-faith focus weeks 

St. Patrick's Feast Day (17th March) big dress-up and celebration day

Live Simply Award

CAFOD charity links such as The Bog Lenten Walk, World Gifts Advent appeal

Charitable outreach led by and chosen by our pupils, including local charity links, national and global



Anti bullying themed week

Mental Health awareness days

Money Matters week