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How to explain to SEND children about the Covid-19


Our Schools Psychology Service have shared some information about explaining Covid-19 to children with SEND

Schools Psychology Service

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises to help regulate emotions

Access for online parent support

We aim to provide the highest standards of education in a welcoming and positive learning environment. We focus on the growth and development of each person, encouraging each child to play an active part in their own learning and so make every effort to achieve their individual potential. We want our school to be a place where everyone learns to respect, work, play and co-operate with others in a Christian, caring way, whilst fostering close links with our church, parish and the wider community.

There are four broad categories of SEND

1. Cognition and Learning

2. Social, Mental and Emotional Health

3. Sensory and Physical

4. Communication and Interaction

we aim to provide support in all of these areas.


Our objectives are to:

Identify as early as possible those children with special needs

Regularly inform parents of their child’s progress

Liaise regularly with external agencies

Create individual education plans where appropriate

Plan and differentiate appropriate work for the children with special needs.


Mrs Emily Compton is St Patrick's school SENCO.  Her email is: