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Maths Flex - KS2 (Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6)

Starting in Autumn 22, we will be using Maths Flex Online as part of Maths homework in Key Stage 2 (Y3-6). This replaces ‘Century Tech’s’ Maths Homework.

What is Maths Flex?

Maths Flex from Pearson is a new intelligent, flexible and personalised KS2 maths practice, which combines a small steps teaching approach while adapting to your child’s own needs. Maths Flex is based on a ‘small-steps’ approach, called a mastery approach with concepts broken down so that your child can master one idea at a time without feeling over-whelmed.

These are the weekly homework activities that your child will complete for part of their maths homework.


School Jam - KS1 (Y1 and Y2)

We have signed up to a new service for parents called School Jam!

What is School Jam?

School Jam is an app for you to download on your phone. Your child’s teacher will send quick and fun maths activities for you to do at home with your child. All the activities are linked to what your child is doing in class. You can also watch short maths help videos revealing how your child is learning maths at school.

The 2021 Century Tech Challenge has been finalised; St Patrick's came 1st, twice and also achieved a 3rd place. Well done KS2! 
The Spring Century Tech Challenge 2021 was a global challenge in which all schools using CENTURY took part.
St Patrick's came third in terms of usage, a fantastic achievement and an enormous well done to all children, staff and parents for supporting this challenge!

Children, click the link below to get straight to the Century Tech website. By logging in you will be getting better at your English and science in Key Stage 2 (Y3-Y6). 


CENTURY Home Learning l English & Science

Welcome to CENTURY. Here's an introduction for using Century tech at home for your St Patrick's English homework in KS2

Purple Mash

St Patrick's Primary School has bought a subscription to Purple Mash for us all to share! Not only do we think its Computing Curriculum is excellent but it is also a creative educational website for children.

Used by thousands of schools, it is is a cross-curricular resource covering art to science and all subjects in between. Our pupils can access Purple Mash from home on a laptop, desktop or a tablet.

All pupils have a login and a password. These should remain confidential and allow you and your child unique access.



Purple Mash is a safe environment that does not require any downloading or allow interaction with people online and children cannot make any financial transactions. We will be using Purple Mash in school to support the curriculum and will be encouraging the children to continue their learning at home – Purple Mash is a great resource for this. It is also just a great resource for your child to explore and enjoy when they have a bit of spare time! It is a huge and growing resource and there are some parts that the children will just enjoy exploring themselves. However, you may want to take a few minutes to explore it yourself so that you can help them with their learning. Most apps have a video guide to support use.


Mini Mash:

Mini Mash is the area of Purple Mash specifically designed for children in the ‘Early Years’. Inside, you’ll find a virtual classroom packed full of activities for children aged 5 and under.

Creative Tools:

There are 20+ open-ended tools inside Purple Mash. They range in complexity from simple painting programs to sophisticated coding tools.


Purple Mash has over 1,500 ready-to-use writing and painting projects. They cover everything from aliens to the Victorians. You can use the ‘Topics’ tab to browse by subject or, alternatively, use the search bar at the top right of the screen to look for something specific.


There are a variety of games that are really fun to play but also help children practise their maths and English skills. They are a great way to re-enforce learning outside of school hours.

Purple Mash on Tablets

The vast majority of Purple Mash is accessible when using iPads or Android tablets. Use Purple Mash via your tablet’s browser.

Please do not hesitate to contact school if you have any questions (or lose the password) and we will be happy to help.

Enjoy Purple Mash!