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Year 6

                                                              Welcome to Y6


Year 6 are taught by Mrs Evans and supported, in the mornings, by Mrs Wright and Miss Gray.

This term Year 6 will be becoming

Rainforest Rangers

We will be learning all about the importance of the rainforests to our planet. We will be doing lots of geography, learning about where the rainforests are and all about the Amazon River. At the end of term we plan to hold a Rainforest Cafe Event, we will serve food and drink and display what we have learnt and made.

The children were given a vehicle overview for the term, if you haven't seen it there is a copy below:

Y6 Homework

Please remember to complete all your homework and return it to school on time! Let's see if we can get more people achieving the 100% homework awards and prizes at the end of term.

As well as the set homework each week please find time to read each night at home. Reading is so important, it is exercise for your mind. It can help you to calm down and relax, open doors to new knowledge and experiences and help you empathise with other people. Share a book with your mum or dad, nan or grandad or a younger sibling - talk about the characters and what is happening in the story - enjoy your reading!



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