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Year 6

                                                      Hello Y6 and Parents


I hope you are all well and enjoying this additional time at home with your families. I've popped a suggested daily routine below to help you and give you some structure in the following weeks. Look after yourselves everyone and remember I'm always there for a chat on Seesaw.

Take care

Mrs Evans x

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Y6 Daily Routine during school closure

9 – 9.30am

Log on to You Tube Live and do the Joe Wick’s daily work out

After you’ve done your Joe Wicks workout login to Seesaw and I will have sent an announcement with the day’s tasks on.

I will have either set work on Seesaw or it will tell you which other online resources to go on and complete set tasks.



This is a good opportunity for you to prepare more for high school – organise yourselves and the tasks you have to do. If you finish early there are other activities in your home pack you could do, or you could read, or you can explore the games and activities on the online resources.




Please remember, there is no panic if you can’t do something because someone else in the family is using the laptop or if the internet crashes. These things will happen and I just want you to try your best and not get stressed if things don’t work.



There are lots of other suggested resources you and your parents can look at on the website.


English/Reading activities


Have a break – in the garden if you have one – remember fresh air is recommended as long as it’s safe to do so.

If not just relax and play something


Maths activities


Try to send anything you want me to see/look at/comment on by 12.30

If you don’t manage to don’t worry you can send it later but I can’t guarantee Ill see it till the next day


Lunch Time


Project Time – Rainforest Rangers

This is your time and chance to research things you’re interested in and be creative.

You can do writing, art, model making, PowerPoints whatever you like

Remember to have a break about 2-2.30pm


Sit silently somewhere and read please.


Switch off all school work and relax!