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Lots of children had seen fireworks over the weekend and were really interested to learn more about them. They liked the colours and the bangs, although not too loud! We watched some fireworks and listened to the different sounds, we painted them using spaghetti, we made fireworks from junk modelling and we danced like fireworks with our colourful scarves. We've had lots of firework fun!


Fireworks 1
We talked about why we wear a poppy and who we remember. The children were interested in painting poppies-some painted using a photograph of a poppy field, whilst others used corks to print the shapes.


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Our Vehicle for Learning in the Autumn Term

Key Information: 

Remember to send your child with a lunch and drink to Nursery - stay healthy!

Please dress your child appropriately - we have lots of messy play and outdoor learning.

Pack a change of clothes in case of accidents.

Dates to remember:

18th November - 22nd November: World Nursery Rhyme Week