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Spring Term Week 2 - wb.30.3.20

Week Two

I am so proud of you Year 4, you have handled this situation with positivity and enthusiasm and have completed some truly fantastic work! So many of you have logged into Seesaw and Purple Mash and have completed the tasks I have set you. Well done everyone and thank you.

Let's keep this positive spirit going as we enter week 2 of home learning! I will set you tasks on Seesaw and some writing tasks on Purple Mash this week. I can't wait to read your fantastic writing!


Starting this week, I am going to set you a project based activity. I will give you a topic to research about throughout the week. You can present your project however you like. You could do a poster, video, PowerPoint, mind-map...what ever you like!

Have a fantastic week!

Miss Ward

Week 2 home learning overview

This week, our learning is...

English - Non-chronological report

Maths - Decimals

Curriculum work - All about Stafford

Class book - Esio Trot by Roald Dahl

Home Learning project! 

This week's project is all about...


I would like you to research all about Stafford. You could look at its history, its geography, its landmarks, how it has changed over the years...and much more! The choice is yours!

 This project is due on Friday 3rd April 2020

You can upload a photo/video/file of your project on Seesaw or email it to me!

Have fun laugh

Here's an interesting website where you can compare current and old maps of Stafford!

Websites for the week

9am - PE with Joe Wicks


Seesaw -

White Rose lesson videos -

Purple Mash -