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wc 8.2.21

  English Maths Guided Reading Wider curriculum.
Monday 25th To draft a hero vs monster myth.

To use a fraction wall to find equivalent fractions.

Viper: predict

Science: To understand amplitude.

Children will complete a sound based escape room, solving questions based on their learning this half term on the topic of science.

Tuesday 26th To edit my writing To find equivalent fractions Viper: retrieve 

History: To observe details about Viking ships.

Research about Viking longboats and write a textbook style paragraph all about them

Wednesday 27th To draft the battle of a hero vs monster myth To simplify fractions Viper: Vocabulary

Art: Develop drawings featuring the third dimension and proportion.

Can you draw a row of 3d buildings?

Thursday 28th To edit my writing To identify and draw mixed numbers Viper: Infer and explain Computing:
Friday 29th To publish a hero vs monster myth. To count up in fractions beyond 1 Discrete comprehension: Whodunnit mystery Golden time afternoon - Well done for a fantastic half-term of online learning! Spend this afternoon doing something you love! Enjoy the week off laugh