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wc 25.1.21

  English Maths Guided Reading Wider Curriculum
Tuesday 26th To describe a mythical hero. To divide a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number.  Viper: Predict

Art: To experiment with different grades of pencil and other implements to achieve variations in tone.

Experimenting with different pencils and pens, focusing on gradient, tone and mark making.

Wednesday 27th To use the 'power of 3' to expand noun phrases.  To solve problems using division.  Viper: Retrieve

History: Locate the Vikings in time in relation to the Romans and Saxons.

True or false questions

Thursday 28th To use powerful verbs.

Unit 7:

To understand area. 

Viper: Vocabulary Computing: Write a newspaper report about the simulation on Purple Mash
Friday 29th To use show-not-tell as a writing technique.  To find the area by counting squares.  Viper: Explain RE: Sequence the order of Mass


Monday 25th January is an INSET day. No virtual learning will be set. Please access century tech and TT Rock Stars smiley

Art - Tuesday 26th January 2021

Today we will be exploring different grades of pencil, mark making and having a go at shading exercises. If you have different pencils at home, great! If not, try different pens as well as the pencil you have!

Have a go at some of the mark making ideas on this video, make sure to neatly label the different types of marks you make on your paper. Look on Seesaw for some more ideas!