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wc 1.2.21

English Maths Guided Reading Wider Curriculum
Monday 1st To explore how tension builds up in a story. To find the area by counting squares Viper: Predict Science: 

What are pitch and frequency?

Watch the lesson video below, then complete the activities on Seesaw

Tuesday 2nd To use short sentences to build tension. To make shapes with a given area Viper: Retrieve RE: To know the seven sacraments.
Wednesday 3rd GPS: To use apostrophes for singular possession. To compare the area of shapes Viper: Vocabulary

Geography: To compare how the needs of settlers change over time.

Thursday 4th To identify conventions in myths. To identify tenths and hundredths Viper: Explain

Computing: Century Tech

PE: Have a go at completing the circuit on Seesaw.

Friday 5th To plan a hero vs monster myth. To identify tenths and hundredths Text based activity:

DT: Comparing foods- Dips and Dippers.

Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - free assembly to watch with your family!

RE 2nd February - The 7 Sacraments

Geography - Wednesday 3rd February