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wc 11.1.21

  English Maths Guided reading Wider curriculum
Monday 11th

To create a list poem.

To multiply a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number To compare a book to a film.

Science: What is sound?

Watch the lesson via the link below. On Seesaw, label the parts of the ear

Tuesday 12th

To create a simile poem.

To solve problems using multiplication To write a letter based on a book

Art: To discover the artist Stephen Wiltshire.

Read the information about who Stephen Wiltshire is. Have a go at drawing Big Ben in his style using pencil or a black pen. 

Wednesday 13th

To explore Kennings poems.

To multiply more than 2 numbers To summarise the events of an author's life.

History: To create a Viking timeline.

Read the PowerPoint below. On Seesaw, drag the events onto the timeline and order in chronological order. 

Thursday 14th

To write a Kennings poem.

To multiply more than 2 numbers To evaluate the events of an author's life.

Computing: Unit 4 - writing for an audience. 

Edit the bland newspaper report to make it look appealing by changing the font, size and adding images. 

Friday 15th 

To identify nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

To solve mixed correspondence problems Discrete comprehension activity

RE: To recognise the important part played by angels. 

Task 1: Read 5 different parts of the Christmas story; what message did the angels give? How did the receiver react?

Task 2: Imagine you are Mary. Write a recount of the annunciation. 

History 13th January - Viking Timeline

RE - Friday 15th January