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Summer Term Week 7 - wb.8.6.20

Summer Term Week 7

Well, what a wonderful first week of our final term before the summer holidays! Well done everyone for your hard work and positive attitude towards your learning!

This week, I am back at St Patrick's and am based there full time. Our live lessons will still continue each morning, but will be at a slightly different time (see below). The link to each lesson will be posted onto Google Classroom and Seesaw a minute before the scheduled time. 

Because we will be changing our live lesson times, I will post your wider curriculum activity in the morning BEFORE our English live lesson. It is completely up to you what time during the day you complete this activity, but I know some of you would like to do it in the morning before our English live lesson so now you have this option. 

Keep being amazing, I am SO proud of you all!

Miss Ward x

Google Classroom

'Live lessons' will continue to take place throughout this week. Please make sure you have a pen/pencil and your green exercise book or some paper with you. Make sure your microphones are turned off when you come into the meeting as this makes the lesson run smoother. Links to live lessons will be posted onto Google Classroom and Seesaw a minute before the lesson is due to begin, please be online punctually so that lesson time is not wasted. 


English live lesson: 9.30am-10.30am

BREAK 10.30am-11am

Maths live lesson: 11am-12pm

Activities will be posted onto Seesaw during the live lesson, usually around 20-25 minutes after the lesson begins. I will post your wider curriculum activity early each morning but it is up to you when during the day you choose to complete it.

Summer Term week 7 overview