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Power English- KS2

New for St Patrick's April 2021! Trial taking place in Y3-Y6. 

Power English: Writing is a complete writing programme which we are using in Key Stage 2 (Y3-Y6). It is a creative writing programme that builds in technical skills through a genreā€‘based approach.

  • Children learn through a genre-focused writing project that allows children to master each genre and produce a range of written outcomes. Children have ownership over their focus, supported by the class teacher.
  • A focus on ‘personal projects’ or ‘free writing’ ensures that quality writing is produced in every context and children gain lots of written practice though daily writing 
  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar (SPAG) is integrated into the writing process.


The National Literacy Trust (2017) found that key to writing were three components that children need to have: Agency (having a say), Volition (wanting to write) and Motivation (knowing why they are writing) - the Power English approach allows our children to experience and develop all of these.  

Power English: Writing - Michael Rosen

A short video about writing for pleasure. For more information: