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Meet the Staff

Meet the team at St Patrick's 2021


Mr. Brandon, Principal

& Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Tomlinson,

Vice Principal & Y5  Teacher




Mrs Boughey,

Reception Teacher

Mrs Fisher,

Nursery Teacher

Miss Fielding,

Year 2 Teacher

Miss Hough,

Year 3 Teacher


L Taylor,

Year 1 Teacher

Miss R Madeley,

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Evans,

Year 4 Teacher

Miss Gray,

Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Mrs Dunn,

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Collier,

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Pilling

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Woodhead,

Teaching Assistant


Miss Davies, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wright, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Miles, School

Business Manager

Mrs Lester, Office

Services Manager

Mr Lake, Site SupervisorMrs Sommer-Owsianny
Lunch time Supervisor

Mrs Brown, 

Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Belfield

Kitchen Staff


Mrs Shaughnessy

Kitchen Staff



St Patrick's Staff 2020/2021


Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Brandon - Principal (Safeguarding Lead/DSL/ Curriculum & Standards and Assessment)

Miss L Barber - Assistant Headteacher (EYFS Leader & DDSL) & Reception Teacher (0.4)

Mrs C Tomlinson - Vice -Principal 2020/2021 & Y5/Y6 Teacher- (Reading Leader) 

Mrs E Compton - Year 1 Teacher & SEND Co. (Science Leader)

Class Teachers

Mrs B Boughey -  Reception Teacher (Phonics Leader -0.6)

Miss L Fielding - Year 2 Teacher (Art, DT and Music Leader)

Miss L Hough -  Year 3 Teacher (PE & MFL Leader)

Miss T Ward - Year 4 Teacher (History and Geography Leader)

Miss R Madeley - Year 5 Teacher (Maths Leader)

Mrs M. Evans -  Year 6 Teacher (English Leader)

Mrs C Fisher - Nursery class


Teaching Assistants

Miss M Gray - HLTA, Mrs J Dunn, Mrs L Woodhead, Mrs A Collier - 1:1, Miss R Davies, Mrs F Wright & Mrs J Pilling 


School Office Staff 

Mrs T Miles - School Business Manager & Mrs E Lester - Office Service Manager


Site Staff

Mr J Lake