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Year 4 Home Learning

11th September - 18th September.


Children in Year 4 have been asked to self-isolate from 11th September until 18th September. Children will return to school on Monday 21st September. More details of this recent Year 4 closure can be found in the latest letter uploaded to our website. Live lessons via Google Classroom will begin on Monday 14th September. On Friday 11th September, an English and maths activity will be set via Seesaw for children to complete. Miss Ward will be online throughout the day to answer any questions. 

Live Lessons.


Live lessons will begin Monday 14th September. The link for the online lesson will be posted onto BOTH Google Classroom and Seesaw a few minutes before the lesson is due to begin. Please can children arrive punctually, with their microphone turned off to ensure the lesson runs smoothly. Children may benefit from having a pen/pencil and notepad with them during a live lesson in case they want to do any jottings or workings out. 

English live lesson: 9am - 10am


Maths live lesson: 10.30am - 11.30am


Online attendance whilst children learn from home is very important. A register will be taken at the beginning of each live lesson. Work set will cover the work that would have been set if children were still in school so it is important that children are present to live lessons to ensure that key content isn’t missed. If attending online lessons will be a problem, please let Miss Ward know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding your child's online learning, please contact Miss Ward via email.