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Excellent Remote Learning

Parent Feedback

90% of parents feel that their child has settled into a good routine for remote learning.

96% of parents feel that we have clearly explained how to access remote learning.

94% feel that the school continues to have high expectations for its students during this period.

92% of parents feel that there is a good range of subjects covered by our remote learning.


"Thank you so much to all the staff working so hard for the children and setting up lessons
and activities so that their learning doesn’t suffer- it also plays a huge role in my child’s
well-being to be able to see her teacher each day- thank you for all that you do."


"We really appreciate the support we are receiving during this time - it's amazing - the daily
lessons are fabulous- teaching continuing and contact with the school. It must be hard
teaching some in class and some at home and we do appreciate that we haven't been left at
home to try and navigate the learning alone."


"I really appreciate the dedication of all the teachers and I am in awe of how quickly the
remote learning material was prepared!"