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English and Maths


This half term our class text is 'The Highwayman' a classic narrative poem by Alfred Noyes. We will use the poem to examine characters and motive. We will write a glossary, historical report, newspaper report, character profile, diary entries and poetry and use the poem as a stimulus for our own narrative.




We will be continuing to follow the Power Maths scheme of work for our Maths learning.

This half term we will be working on 'Fractions' and 'Geometry, Position and Direction'.

In our fractions units we will learn how to simplify fractions and order and compare them. We will calculate with fractions (add, subtract, multiply and divide), we will solve problems using all four operations and we will find fractions of amounts.

In our geometry, position and direction unit we will use coordinates in all four quadrants, explore using the properties of shapes to help us solve problems on a coordinates grid and explore how we can move shapes  using translations and reflections.