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English and Maths

In Maths, we will begin with place value within 10,000,000. We will move on to use all four operations with whole numbers and fractions. We will use and apply our skills to solve word problems set in different real-life contexts.  In geometry, pupils will learn about position and direction.


Maths:- This term, the children will be learning through the following units: 


Place Value within 10,000,000                                       Four Operations             

Factors, multiples and special numbers                                      Fractions                        



You can delve deeper into each topic using the personal pathway set for each child on Maths Flex. 

Click here for the Maths Flex login page...


This term, the children will be analysing and immersing; writing and editing; revising and publishing their very best written work in the style of the following genres:


  • Stories with a focus on setting description
  • Stories with a focus on charcacterisation
  • Non-chronological reports
  • Persuasive writing
  • Instructional writing
  • Narrative poetry


Year 6 will begin the term with Poetry. We will be studying The Highway man by Alfred Noyes. During this unit, we will unpick narrative poetry, sequencing events and asking questions to improve our understanding of the text. We will also investigate language, poetry features and performance poetry. The class will also be developing their writing through a variety of genres: instructions, narrative – setting descriptions, non-chronological reports and persuasive texts.


National curriculum expectations for grammar, punctuation and spelling will be taught throughout the above units. The children will be revising all aspects of GPS previously taught throughout school and learning new skills, such as:


Use of the passive to affect the presentation of information in a sentence [for example, I broke the window in the greenhouse versus The window in the greenhouse was broken (by me)].


Use of the semi-colon, colon and dash to mark the boundary between independent clauses [for example, It’s raining; I’m fed up]


Our class reading for pleasure novels will be the excellent authors Louis Sachar and Michael Morpurgo (our class author). 


All spelling patterns and words will be taught at school and children will bring home between 5-10 words each week to learn. Alongside spelling patters are the Y6 statutory words, all of which are listed below. Children should be able to spell all of these by the end of the year. Practicing little and often is the best method!