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English and Maths


English: This term we will be focusing on more than one class text. The texts we will be following are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then towards Christmas, The Snowman.

The children will have plenty of opportunities to write in a range of different formats, such as dictionary and thesaurus work, character descriptions, diary entries, instructions, newspaper reports, recounts, information texts, persuasive writing, narrative writing and poetry. We will also be focusing on a range of grammar and punctuation features that the children will need to include in their writing.



Maths: We will be following the Power Maths scheme of work for our Maths learning. We will be working on the Place Value unit to start with, then we move onto looking at Addition and Subtraction methods. After half term, we will be starting our unit on Multiplication and Division for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.