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Easter Activity Ideas

Retell Holy Week in handprints

Palm Sunday – donkey handprint

Monday – Jesus in the temple – animal handprint

Tuesday- a new commandment – ‘Love you God with all your heart’ – 2 handprints to make a heart

Wednesday – 30 pieces of silver – handprint and coins

Maundy Thursday – washing the feet of the disciples – feet and water

Good Friday-Jesus died on the cross – Jesus’ hands

Holy Saturday – Golgotha/ Calvary Hill

Create an Easter poster

Can you create an Easter garden to remember the resurrection of Jesus?

send your photos to us

Holy Week Retreat - Sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy... His Goodness Never Fails

Dan and Emily are continuing to be working from separate places during this time of Isolation. But that doesn't stop us singing together and calling on God's...

“I take my refuge you in you Lord” Dan and Emily Sing together Be My Stronghold.

During a very difficult and challenging time for everyone #COVID19 Dan and Emily had to get creative in how they could sing together. This song 'Be My Strong...